Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I recently came across a post on this fashion blog called Refinery29. It's one I frequent often. This post is their guide to "Become a Star Style Blogger." Let's see how I measure up...

1) Join Blogspot....check

2) Dress- Something Alexander Wang....well I designed an A. Wang style bag(that counts)....check

3) Mastered? Sure...but let's "take some tequila shots and try again" anyway....check

4) Is you're site showing growth? Well, I have followers that are not my Dad or immediate family....check

5) Take pics of food....check

6) You know you have made it when.....darn....back to the drawing board

Haha! =) Thanks everyone for following even though I have been slacking lately. Hopefully I will post more often soon.

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