Friday, December 17, 2010

Alien Veggies

Sorry I have been slacking on posting my own creations lately. Here's some interesting looking fruits and veggies in the meantime. The first one reminds me of "Jerry" from Enemy Mine. Oh shit, did I just date myself??

Salak- Fruit native to Indonesia

Durian- Fruit native to Southeast Asia. Smells like rotten onions, but is supposed to be yummy. Still a little scared to try it myself.

Morel Mushrooms- Who doesn't like mushrooms? They are supposed to be poisonous raw and should only be eaten cooked.

Lychee- Fruit native to China. Makes amazing martinis.

Romanesco Broccoli- This geometrically beautiful veggie is native to Italy. Love it!

1 comment:

  1. I've had durian before and I honestly didn't think it smelled that bad or tasted that bad either. I had also been living in China for about three weeks at the time. I feel like your senses can change when you're exposed to different environments. I have no idea, but now that I know how famous it is for being so potent, I am dying to try it again!
    -Julia W.